Internet of Things


Learn from demos involving real devices, sensors, and actuators

Get exposure to mainstream cloud platforms including AWS, Azure, and Bluemix

Understand how to implement real-time streaming, batch processing, and analytics

The convergence of devices, cloud and analytics is creating a perfect storm for developers and IT professionals. It presents a great opportunity to design, develop and deploy next generation solutions that touch millions of users. This is the right time for technology and business decision makers to evaluate IoT and its impact on their businesses.

Having delivered the highly successful IoT Bootcamps in New York and Silicon Valley, Janakiram MSV, an analyst, advisor and an architect at Janakiram & Associates, now brings you another insightful, in-depth, and comprehensive Bootcamp on Enterprise Internet of Things. This is your chance to jumpstart the IoT strategy.

Combined with real-world scenarios and use cases, the Enterprise IoT Bootcamp is not just based on presentations but with hands-on demos and detailed walkthroughs. We will introduce you to a variety of real world use cases prototyped using Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, Spark, and Intel Edison. You will get a thorough overview of enterprise cloud technologies such as AWS IoT, Azure IoT Suite, and IBM Watson IoT, which play an important role in IoT architecture. The immersive 2-day workshop will provide you with everything you wanted to know about Internet of Things.

Jumpstart Your IoT Strategy


  • Demystify Internet of Things through real-world scenarios
  • Introduce the enterprise IoT ecosystem consisting of hardware, software and cloud providers
  • Enable the attendees to jumpstart their IoT development
  • Compare and contrast available choices for IoT development
  • Discuss the emerging trends in cloud computing aligned with enterprise IoT
  • Unleash the power of IoT through cloud, big data and analytics
  • Analyze the strategies of major enterprise IoT companies

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Overview of Cloud Platforms

This session will introduce the key concepts of cloud computing in the context of IoT. You will understand the basics of Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Watson, and Microsoft Azure. We will also consider emerging startups that are building cloud platforms for IoT. The objective of this session is to get you up to speed with cloud platforms.

Understanding Microsoft Azure IoT Platform

This session will introduce the building blocks of Azure cloud platform for IoT. We will explore the concepts of Azure IoT Hub, Event Hubs, Stream Analytics, and Power BI. The objective of this session is to take you behind the scenes of an enterprise scalable IoT solution.

Developing IoT Solutions with AWS

This session explores how to design IoT solutions with AWS. From AWS IoT Button to Kinesis, we will use a set of AWS cloud services to build and end-to-end application. The objective of this session is to show you the combined power of cloud and IoT.

A Closer Look at IBM Watson IoT

This session analyzes the available offerings from IBM including Watson, Bluemix, and cognitive computing services. We will develop an application that interacts with the devices connected to Bluemix.


Demystifying Internet of Things
This session will introduce IoT through real-world examples and scenarios. We will explore the technology behind smart homes, smart farms, connected cars and smart healthcare platforms. You will understand the key technologies enabling these scenarios. The objective of this session is to set the stage for the Bootcamp.

Overview of the IoT Ecosystem

This session will provide a comprehensive overview of the available platform choices. You will understand the key differences among the available enterprise IoT platforms. The objective of this session is to help you choose the right platform for your first IoT project.

IoT Jumpstart

This session is where the rubber meets the road! We will walk you through everything from wiring up sensors to visualizing data. The demonstration and the walkthrough will make give you enough confidence to jumpstart your IoT project. The objective of this session is to provide you with the key concepts and background to create your first IoT project.

Designing an IoT Solution

This session puts the concepts to use by helping you design the complete IoT solution. We will identify the right components and software that make an ideal design. You will see a live demonstration of assembling and coding an end-to-end connected device. The objective of this session is to show you the possibilities of IoT.

Day 1

Day 2

About The Instructor

Janakiram MSV is an analyst, advisor and an architect at Janakiram & Associates. He was the founder and CTO of Get Cloud Ready Consulting, a niche Cloud Migration and Cloud Operations firm that got acquired by Aditi Technologies. Through his speaking, writing and analysis, he helps businesses take advantage of the emerging technologies. Janakiram is one of the first few Microsoft Certified Azure Professionals in India. He is one of the few professionals with Amazon Certified Solution Architect, Amazon Certified Developer and Amazon Certified SysOps Administrator credentials. He is also a Google Qualified Cloud Developer. Janakiram is recognised by Google as the Google Developer Expert (GDE) for his subject matter expertise. He is awarded the title of Regional Director by Microsoft Corporation.


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